Catnip Manor

Manor Mission

My vision for Catnip Manor™

Catnip Manor™ will be a whimsical destination for Cat Collectables…starting with my personal collection….with no limit of opportunities for cat collectors everywhere to visit or participate.

I visualize a gathering place for the “child self” in everyone…a welcoming ambiance of cat themed rooms to include collections of cat figurines of every description, artwork, jewelry, clothing and accessories, a featured holiday room, cartoon characters and other famous or infamous cats, in history, folklore, and Spirituality, a library of cat books and publications, a coffee/tea room for guests, meeting and class rooms for special events…

the possibilities are endless!

However, the true focus of Catnip Manor™ is to establish a foundation to benefit animal shelter and sanctuary awareness, affordable Veterinarian care, and spaying and neutering programs.

If you are a “Cat Angel” who would be interested in helping to fund such a venture, I look forward to hearing from you!