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Pet Communicator

Phebe’s passion is animal welfare, in particular, cat rescue, adoption, and campaigning for spaying and neutering. donates a portion of all income to The Cat Care Society of Denver, Alley Cat Allies, The Denver Dumb Friends League, Table Mountain Animal Shelter in Golden, Colorado and Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah. Phebe encourages others to support these causes as well.

Phebe communicates easily with animal companions – cats, dogs, horses, birds, and other wildlife.

Is your pet having behavior issues?
Are you noticing changes in your pet’s personality or health?
What IS your pet trying to communicate to you?
Phebe will translate those “meows” ,”bow wows”, and “peep, peeps”, to reveal your pet’s physical, mental and emotional issues for you.

Make an appointment for your pet to meet Phebe. Or send a photo of your pet with their name (and birthday, if you know it) and your question(s) or concern(s). You will receive a written description of your pet’s needs and issues and a 20-minute phone consultation.
Makes a great gift for the animal lover in your life…

Pet Communicator Reading – $40/pet

Please click here to learn more about a Pet Communicator session for the pet in your life.

*The following testimony has been translated from the language of Meow, to Standard English

By Princess Meggie
“A while back I was adopted by my lovely human companion, Holly where I came to be known as Princess Meggie Flonkerton, and had settled, comfortably into my “kingdom” quite well, until Holly offered to dog sit without consulting me or preparing me for the intrusion into my territory by this noisy and disruptive foreign creature. It’s not all dogs, mind you, but this one was more than I could handle. He frightened me , I saw my escape opportunity, I took it, much to the dismay of Holly. By the time I stopped running, I was hopelessly lost! To make matters worse, my ID was at home on the collar I wasn’t wearing.

Then synchronicity…or a cat’s natural good luck kicked in. Holly canvassed the neighborhood, knocking on doors to ask if anyone had seen me and behind one of those doors, was a fellow animal lover named Cathy, who had seen me, but didn’t know where I was now However, she put Holly in touch with Phebe , a Pet Communicator and Tarot Reader, with a special affinity for cats.

Phebe was able to reach me by meditating on my photo and accessing the Tarot as well. As you can see , I have very unusual markings, so she felt posters were how I would be recognized. She knew someone who loved animals had found me, I was safe and being cared for by them and she felt I would be reunited with Holly very soon, which happened that very Sunday. Holly has promised plenty of treats, and only princess approved dog sitting from now, so this Cat’s tail really does have a happy ending. Thank you, Phebe.”

*the following testimony has been translated from the language of Bow Wow to Standard English, to give the doggies their due


“Hi Everyone…Our human companion, Laura brought us to see Phebe at the shop where she works, and we had a great time letting her know things about us and including some of our special needs and desires. I am Sweet Pea. I know I would be described as “big boned”, but, I think of myself as petite. Old Bear, is enjoying his twilight years, being pushed around in his personal stroller and enjoying all the treats he wants. Thanks, Phebe,”